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At the heart of America is a dirty and shameful reality. Everyone knows it exists, but the devastating impact it has left on generations of people has been glossed over and even ignored—especially by those who still benefit from it.

Our American history is rooted in racism.

It's time to explore these overlooked events that don’t make it into our history books and correct the record for the people still harmed by them, to trace our past to modern tragedies, and learn how folks over the centuries have fought back. We need to confront more of our racist history, so that we might have a chance to defeat it once and for all.

Hosted by Christian Picciolini, F*** Your Racist History is a weekly history podcast that tells America's hidden, overlooked, and unknown racist origin stories.

COMING JULY 5, 2021! Stay tuned.

About the Show

F*** Your Racist History is produced by Goldmill Group.

Christian Picciolini and Jamie Lynn Moeller are producers.

Episodes are written and fact-checked by Maggie Coomer and Jasmin Brand of Dark Nostalgia Works.

Our sound editor is Ken Pendola.


Christian Picciolini


An American Podcast

Hosted by Nazi-fighter Christian Picciolini, F*** Your Racist History is a weekly, scripted history show that tells America's hidden, overlooked, and unknown racist origin stories.

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Recent Episode


F*** YOUR RACIST HISTORY   |   Episode 101   |   July 5, 2021



In 1919, Henry Ford took over a weekly journal called the Dearborn Independent, and within a year and a half, turned it into one of the most notorious anti-Semitic fake news rags in the United States. Ford's anti-Jewish campaign ran for 91 consecutive issues and became a 4-volume book titled The International Jew. Ford's texts and ideas inspired Adolf Hitler and his murderous Nazis in the years leading up to WW2 and they continue to be widely circulated among violent white supremacists today. Americans are still struggling to come to terms with this deeply troubling aspect of Henry Ford's life because he's considered an American hero, and there are even officials trying to bury this story. Join Christian Picciolini as he sheds light on this hidden subject and tells these individuals, “f*** Your Racist History!”

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